bikes in iceland - on Faroe

Faroe was the first and only boatstop on our trip to Iceland in 1994. Faroe is part of Danmark and the streets are in very good conditions because of lots of european money coming into the land.

On Faroe we (Torsten - paisland and me) travelled together with Winfried. His bike is in the middle. My bike is on the left with all black Ortlieb bags (lightweight series) and Torsten uses the red Ortliebs from the standard series.

This was nearly the startpoint of our epic ride through the heart of the vulcanic island of Iceland, the home of the vikings. We had 5 weeks to come to Iceland and to cross the country on gravel roads from east to west and going back to the harbour of Seydisfjördur along the southern and eastern coast. In Seydisfjördur we closed the circle, because we entered the country here.

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