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on-one: il.pompino

An old idea is born. Bikes are getting simple again. A SingleSpeed seems for me good for everyday use, where you know the ways and where you don't want to use your "good" bike. For others it's a kind of life - simple bikes keep you free in your thoughts. And of corse, some bikes save money.

My on-one: il.pompino combines a new frame and new rims, tires, chain with some good old parts, like Suntour XC Pro GG hubs and some SRAM 5.0 v-brakes that I didn't want to use on my MTB to a mixture, that I hope, will work fine.

For more information about the frame ore similar bikes see the manufacturers
homepage: O N - O N E and read this article from: Cycling plus.

On-One uses a ratio of 42/16, but I think this is a bit to much for easy pedalling. So I choose 39/17 with an old Suntour XC Pro crank and a shimano bmx freewheel with CrMo Steel Sprockets. Maybee I will chose a 16 or 15 sprocket freewheel, wenn I think that I have to pedal to much.

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